Our History


Lifting Up is a non profit organization established in the Spring of 1984 in Wichita, Kansas. It started as a book club founded by a group of childhood friends who share the same love and passion for books.

As they travelled around the city, they met homeless children with interests in learning and education. It was then that they felt compelled to reach out. From a small book club, they then became a charitable group dedicated to helping children who are heavily deprived from basic needs. Their very first feeding program marked the start of a 30-year unwavering service to the needy children.

In 1987, Wayne Sheals, school director of Wichita Tech University found out about their advocacy and decided to support Lifting Up. With the help of his selfless colleagues, news spread and more people were encouraged to participate. In 1990, Wichita Tech University became the first monthly supporter of Lifting Up. It also gave birth to scholarship programs and informal classroom settings. In 1998, there were almost a hundred volunteers offering service by providing tutorials and makeshift classes in different houses across the city. These houses stood as homes where children were fed, clothed and educated.

Lifting Up is supported by donations from individuals, schools, churches, businesses, foundations and community groups. Lifting Up has now grown to be an organization with various programs helping more than 25,000 people each year.

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